Have a question? This is the place to find the most commonly asked questions we have receivced.

Last Updated: 04SEPT2020

Q: Will you really get back to me within 24-48 hours? Even on the Saturdays?
A: Yes. We have created a smooth and efficient process that will allow us to give you an estimate even when we are on the road or not in the office.

Q: How much are services?
A: It all depends on the service or skill requested. Some are billed hourly and some are billed per project

Q: Is there a job minimum?
A: Yes. We do require a minimum for any repair call, and this does not include the cost of materials. Minimum is two (2) hours.

Q: What is considered as an hour for your minimum time slot(s)?
A: The clock starts once the handyman knocks on the door, in which he clocks in through a time share/GPS program and is able to track minutes and report back to the office. We prefer the handyman knocks on the door 3-5 minutes before the top of the hour (easier for all parties to track time). Hours are rounded up to the next/ closest hour.
i.e. he is finished at 12:40, the remaining 20 minutes before 1:00 are counted.

Q: The service pro is finished early and still has 20 minutes (example), can he do more simple tasks for me?
A: Yes. Simple tasks are prefered due to time restrictions. Service pros are expected to be on time to the next job site and could face pay deductions for not being prompt. We want you to maximize your time slot, but be respectful of the next service call.

Q: How much are services?
A: It all depends on the service or skill requested. Some are billed hourly and some are billed per project

Q: Will you supply us with multiple estimates?
A: Yes. But, if you are a new client and we do not hear back after sending (2) separate estimates, you will not receive any more.

Q: Can I tip the handyman?
A: Of course! We can add it through the app if it is easier for you, and you may also tip in cash. Tipped amount is NOT subtracked from invoice final total. It's a reward for a service greatly done.

Q: Do I have to buy the materials?
A: Yes. But no need to worry, our handymen are more than happy to go with you to a local hardware/supply store to help with materials needed for the job.
If you have questions please call us at (469) 200-0016.

Q: Who is my point of contact?
A: You will be assigned your own, personal project manager. They will be your point of contact throughout the duration of the project.

Q: Do I pay the handyman directly?
A: No. All payments are handled through the business office (text/ eMail) and should never be handed over to the service pro. That would result in invoice not being paid, if you handed it to the service pro. All customers are advised this before final booking of time slot.

Q: Can I get a quick quote over the phone?
A: In order for us to accurately give you an estimate, we need to see as many details about the project as possible. We want to review the project with our team prior to coming out, so we can accurately diagnose the repairs needed and provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.

Q: Is your work guaranteed?
A: Yes. All labor and workmanship provided by Rocket Home Works on all repairs are guaranteed for 120 days from the date of the final invoice.